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The purpose of this document is to provide a quick look-up of all Support Packs, Fixed Issues and Distribution File downloads available for Crystal Report Runtime 2008.

Visual Studio .NET Development

Crystal Report Runtime 2008 is a 32 bit product. There are no 64 bit runtimes for this version of Crystal Reports.

For supported versions of Visual Studio .NET, see the wiki Which Crystal Reports assembly versions are supported in which versions of Visual Studio .NET.

Service Packs, Fixed Issues and Distribution File downloads

Fixes for each Support Pack are prioritized and at this time will be released on a yearly bases. Service Pack 6 is scheduled for March 2013.

All Crystal Report Runtime 2008 even numbered Service Packs are incremental. Incremental Service Packs are smaller, but must be installed on top of a previous version of Crystal Reports 2008.

Thus as an example; in order to apply Service Pack 2, it is necessary to apply Service Pack 1 first. Full Service Packs are larger, but can be installed on workstations with no Crystal Reports 2008 installed (keycode required).

The most recent Service Pack in the below table is listed first.

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