Windows 7 Ova | Ovf file for Virtual Machine

Pre Installed Windows 7 Virtual File

Windows 7 OVA/OVF file is a exported file of vmware|virtual box. Its itself a windows which is running in virtual environment. Ova file contains a exact copy of exact windows 7 perfectly running for any work. You can import this file to your virtualbox or vmware to start using windows 7, it just take couple of minutes to import and then it will finally be able to use perfectly. Having OVA you don't need to install windows. You can also import it multiple times as per your computer requirement, to use it as two operating system.

Windows 7 is still consider a best windows through out the years because it is reliable for its services and function, many organizations are still using windows 7 now days. It also support old and new devices better than windows 10 as reliable. Windows 7 is light & fast version of Microsoft which is the still familiar to lots of people.

This pre installed file will help you to start operation as fast as you can.

How To Import:

Open your Vmware or Virtual Box goto file click on import button(to import this file). Choose file where it is located. Here you you go now. It will take time to  import the  file so relax and sit back until the import process finish. Now just right click on the imported file which is now added in the queue and click on start button to run the windows 7 under your virtual environment.

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